9 — Lucky Number Roulette

Roulette System and Strategy to Win in Long-Term

How to Win at Roulette
in the Long-Term

Who Else Wants to Earn $100 or More per Hour
by Betting on a Roulette Number

Roulette is a game with a large variety of betting options. Considered the most risky option is putting your chips on a single number. The chances that the ball will land on the chosen number are rather slim as a roulette wheel comprises 37 numbers. Not even dedicated pre-programmed roulette computers can predict if and when a certain number will come up. The game, therefore, seems pretty random and you probably think that betting on a single number surely must be a recipe for losing your shirt. Well, think again, because the roulette system you are about to discover is going to change your game forever.

To be honest: no single roulette system in the world can guarantee that your chosen number will hit on your first bet. But what if I told you that you could try 185 betting rounds for that to happen? That would improve the odds immensely, wouldn’t it?

I am saying that you are choosing your number and stick to it while the wheel is spun 185 times. If your number hits only once, you are not only a big winner, but additionally also recover all your previous losses. But continue reading.

Let’s do some math. You already know that a roulette wheel has 37 numbers on it. The wheel is spun 185 times. That is a multiple of five times than there are numbers on the wheel. Now consider that on average each number hits home once every 37 spins. Leaves you plenty of room for feeling confident that your chosen number ought to come up at least once, doesn’t it?

“But placing 185 bets will cost me a fortune,” you may say. Not so. You can bankroll those 185 bets with just $37, not one cent more!

Let me repeat that: your 185 bets will cost you only $37. Impossible? It is not impossible. My Secret behind the Roulette System guide will explain this roulette system in minutest detail and show you how you can beat the game – again and again.

Proof of the workability of this roulette system is the software that I give away for FREE for you to download.

In the Free Edition the roulette numbers are selected totally randomly so you can see how the system works. Using the free software, you can check the average winnings you can generate per hour with placing just 10-cent bets.

Download Free Roulette Software right now and see for yourself that this roulette system makes you a sure winner.

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whats your lucky roulette numbers?

dont answer if dont play roulette

9 Answers

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I use numbers that repeat in my life. 2 tends to repeat alot in my family, and it’s been a very lucky number for me. I also use 42 and 22. Because 4’s are double 2’s

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